Gefa Nägler


Kurfürstendamm 37
D-10719 BERLIN


Gefa Naegler

Gefa Naegler

... has a first education in industrial mechanics and switched to the field of biomechanics in 
2004 when she graduated as a physiotherapist. Her special understanding of leverage and 
force transmission has predestined her to work with joints, muscles and fascia. 

She has a fascination for movement patterns, great joy in analyzing movement and detecting 
At her disposal are elements from Spiraldynamics, Manual Therapy, PNF and techniques 
from various other advanced training courses. 
Her specialty is the physical problems of sedentary professions with keyboard and computer 
Having grown up with horses and having experience with riders in physiotherapeutic 
treatment, her field of treatment is currently expanding to include equine osteopathy. Because 
often the physical problems of the riders are transferred to the horses. 
With the completion of the equine osteopathy training (DIPO Dülmen) probably in June 2024 
the treatment of horses will be offered. 
Since 2015, she has been a guest with ideas in various television programs such as RBB 
Praxis, SWR Planet Wissen, ARD Buffet and Morgenmagazin (see links).


expected graduation as equine osteotherapist


Kurs in Erste Hilfe


Training start equine osteopathy DIPO Dülmen


Heil practitioner


Cooperation Orthopedic Private Practice Dr. Merettig/ Dr. Stöber


Instructor for prevention and workspace inspection of sedentary professions

08.2009 - 08.2019

Teacher for biomechanics/ physics and PNF at the training academy  Charité Berlin 

03.2016 - 02.2017

Spiraldynamik graduation - specialist level basic 

05.2015 - 04.2016

OMT advanced training "Visceral Techniques 1"
OMT Advanced Training "Visceral Techniques 2
OMT advanced training "Scientific Work 1”
OMT advanced training "MTT 1”

08.2013 – 03.2022

Practice partnership MGA Osteopathy & Physiotherapy 


Workshop Emergency Management


AMS Academy, Special Myofascial Integration - the Shoulder


Myofascial Release 1, John Barnes, FL


Kinesiology Taping

11.2009 - 01.2010

OMT Advanced Training "Thoracal Spine”
OMT Advanced Training "Cervical Spine”

04.2009 - 07.2009

PNF advanced training, Vallejo CA, Level 4 

01.2007 - 09.2007

PNF training, Vallejo CA, IPNFA Level 3B


Trigger manipulation and arthromuscular reprogramming

05.2005 - 05.2008

Manual Therapy 1


Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Exam in physical therapy Teidel School